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Passport Shield (RFID Blocking Cards)

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Passport Shield - RFID & Contactless Protection
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Passport Shield

We produce Passport Protectors to Thwart Electronic Pickpockets and Cyber Scanners. Shield Card® LLC is currently manufacturing a new method of protection that does not necessitate replacing the user's passport holder. Passport Shields are lightweight, economical, and can fit in any passport carrier. Many people are unaware that passports can be scanned from a distance, resulting in identity theft.

Simply insert your Passport Shield inside your passport (next to leather/plastic) to protect your passport information. The Passport will be covered by an electromagnetically opaque shield. The RFID protector on the Passport Shield blocks radio waves and prevents remote scanning.

Passport Shields are lightweight, economical, and can fit into any passport holder, keeping it safe from remote pickpockets preying on harried travelers.
  • Card size: 4.8032" X 3.2283” (122 mm x 82 mm)
  • RFID & Contactless Protection
  • 100% Security
  • Prevents Identity Theft

*RFID protection has been found to be effective, however Shield Card®, LLC makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied.